Better space.
Better desks.
Better work.

Professional. Creative. Healthy.

Urban Plough is a collection of artists, designers, architects, craftsmen, and builders with a rapidly expanding portfolio of thoughtfully designed architectural environments filled with custom designed, hand-built furniture pieces.


We approach every project with the goal of making something new, unique, and tailored to each client’s specific needs.


We are a collective of artists, designers, architects, builders, and craftsmen, and we recognize the added value of designing across disciplines.

A desk that works with you.

Our 7,000 square foot shop, located in the heart of Phoenix, Arizona, is fully appointed with a vast array of traditional tools and modern technology. We feel just as comfortable building a one-off piece with hand-tools as we do a semi mass-produced line of furniture on our CNC milling machine.


Our design process builds upon the foundation of traditional craftsmanship while integrating cutting edge technology where appropriate. By designing and fabricating everything in our shop, we maintain strict control over every aspect of the work, allowing us to refine the work as we move toward a final product.

Professional. Creative. Healthy.


Urban Plough Furniture

2225 E McDowell Road
Phoenix, AZ 85006

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